Founded in Italy in 1946, IME are well known for designing and manufacturing measuring instruments. Production is divided into Analogue, Electronic and Transformer divisions. The IFM application fields are: electric measurement, protection, energy management and industrial automation.

European Electronics Supplies IME parts which include;

  • Relays
  • Transducers
  • Transformers
  • Energy Meters
  • Switches
  • Analogue Meters

The most recent addition to IFM range is the Nemo 96 HDL retrofit. This new product is designed for integration in existing plants for measuring systems in a quick and efficient way. It is hoped that this product would reduce the costs of possible future plant shutdowns.

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#Part NumberDescription 
#1ANK251D300NP2E AMP AC 76x58 3000/5A View
#2ANL211A500NP3E AMP CA 94x73 5/1A View
#3ANL60D1002NP3M AMP CC 94x73 60mV 1000A View
#4ANTN3333AL 96MI ISOL 120Vcc 200kohm MIN/MAX A230V View
#5ANT111D10044AL 96AC AMP CA 1000/1A 2AL MAX A240V View
#6ANT151C16032AL 96AC AMP CA 160/5A 2AL MIN/MAX A115V View
#7ANT4DDC30043AL 96AC VOLT CA DIR 300V 2AL MAX A230V View
#8TA32750C400TA327 TA D.27mm-32,5x10,5mm 400/5A View
#9AN12D2B1501RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 TR DIR 15A 2In View
#10AN1211D1252RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 TR-ANT 1250/1A View
#11AN1215A5002RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 TR-ANT 5/1A 5In View
#12AN1251C120RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 120/5A View
#13AN1252C8003RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 IP54 800/5A 2In View
#14AN1255E1001RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 TR 10000/5A 5In View
#15AN151111113RQ48E VOLT CA 48x48 IP54 100V DA TV View
#16AN161D60023RQ48M AMP CC 48x48 IP54 +-60mV 6000A View
#17TA43210C125TA432 TA D.32mm-40,5x10,5mm 125/1A View
#18AN2L251C8001RQ72T AMP TERMICO 72x72 TR 15' 800/5A View
#19TAXF10D300TAU131P TA CL.5P 120x225mm 3000/1A View
#20AN2M252B7003RQ72TE AMP T-E 72x72 IP54 15' 70/5A E.2In View
#21AN22D2B6003RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 IP54 DIR 60A 2In View
#22AN2211D1604RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 IP54-ANT 1600/1A View
#23AN2215B1504RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 IP54-ANT 15/1A 5In View
#24AN2251C1502RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 TR-ANT 150/5A View
#25AN2252D125RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 1250/5A 2In View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 20,564


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